Key Account Specialist- Auto VW
职位编号 J026639
行业 印刷/包装/造纸
类型 客户经理/主管
所在地 上海市 
1.作为销售经理助手,协助处理和记录项目问题,完成项目信息的收集和分发。 As Sales assistant to deal with project problems, complete the collection and distribution of system information in the project. 2.协助销售经理协调和跟踪内部工作进展,促进准时完成工作。 Support Sales manager to coordinate and track the progress of internal work, and promote the completion of internal work on time. 3. 协助销售经理整合内部各部门信息,掌握清晰的项目信息并定制项目进度相关文件。 Integrate information from various departments, customize project schedule. 4. 协助销售经理采集相关客户项目信息,记录客户需求。 Collect project information and record customer requirements 5. 协助销售经理处理对外问题,拜访客户,参加客户会议,了解问题情况,记录会议纪要,并汇报销售经理。 Support Sales manager to deal with external issues, visit customers, attend customer meetings, and understand problems, write down meeting agenda to report Sales manager. 6.及时向销售经理传达紧急邮件或者信息,并沟通后做出及时答复和确认。 Make timely reply and confirmation after communicated with Sales manager for emergency information.
1. 大专及以上学历,3年以上汽车内饰项目管理,大众汽车项目工作经历优先。 College degree or above, at least 3 years of automotive interior project management or project engineer experience. 2. 熟悉汽车内饰项目管理流程,开发流程经验,具备项目跟踪的能力。 Familiar with Auto interior project management process, development process experience, with the ability of project tracking 3. 较好的项目管理文件处理或者构建经验。 Good experience in project management document processing or construction 4. 具备较好的沟通协调能力。 Good communication and coordination skills 5. 有一定的模具,注塑技术的经验或者相关背景。 Experience in mold and injection molding or related background. 6.具备一定的英语表达能力,读写熟练。 Good command of English, proficient in reading and writing. 7. 清晰的语言表达能力。 Ability to express the language.