Production Manager
职位编号 J026528
行业 传感器/仪器仪表/工业自动化/电气
类型 生产经理/车间主任
所在地 深圳市 
The job that suits you: 1. You will enjoy the sense of achievement because you will use your production management knowledge and background to help our customers and your team to achieve their goals. 你将在工作中获得极大的成就感因为你的生产管理及背景将给客户和部门在目标实现上带来极大的好处。 2. You will get sufficient authorization and support in managing whole production processes from NPI to finished products. 你将在整个生产过程中得到足够的授权和支持。 3. You cooperate closely with RD department, Supply chain, QA and our Germany, so you are a very important member of our organization. 你和研发,供应链,QA和德国总部一起紧密合作,你是我们组织中很重要的成员。 4. You can enjoy a lean production with less storage, cell production, high quality from Production but not from checking and build up a profound application knowledge and continuously expand your technical knowledge, your application know-how and your professional skills. 您可以在工作中积累了深厚的应用知识,并不断扩展您的技术知识、应用知识和专业技能 What we are looking for: 1. You can lead whole production department to fulfill production planning to achieve production KPI/goals. 你能带领整个生产部确保生产满足计划的要求去实现生产KPI/目标。 2. You are focus on improvement, and can lead your team to work in high efficiency and improve your KPI/goal achievement status. 你专注于改善,能领导团队更高效的工作,并提升KPI/目标的实现度。 3. You have the foreseen view to prepare and make plans for the possible coming problems either in technical, process, equipment, manpower. 你具备超前意识并为试产,量产过程中可能出现的生产工艺,制程,设备,人力等问题提前计划和准备。 4. You can act as a technical and management support to your members to train the people to achieve the KPI/target. 你可以作为技术或管理支持去帮助你的员工实现KPI/目标。 5. You are devoted to ensure human-based management style in your department to enhance employees’ sense of belonging and to reduce the resignation rate. 你需要致力于部门人性化管理以增强员工归属感和降低离职率。
1. You are with Bachelor degree or above in production related major. 你需要本科及以上生产制造相关专业毕业 2. You have >=5 years in the Production managerial position in portable electronic products field. 你需要具备5年以上在手持式电子产品生产制造管理经验 3. You used to manage your team in KPI orientated& human-based combined way and had successful cases in the past. 你习惯于以KPI为导向管理并结合人性化管理进行部门管理,并具备成功案例。 4. You have excellent analytical skills with knowledge in advance analytical tools. 你需要具备很强的分析能力并掌握比较先进的分析工具。 5. You have solid understanding and familiar of Control charts, FMEA, Statistics knowledge, ISO standard and Lean manufacturing tools for continuous improvement. 你需要掌握常用的生产管理和改善工具,譬如控制图,FMEA,数据报表,ISO标准,精益等改善工具 6. You must be strong in both Oral English and Written English. 你的英文书面和口语沟通能力都不错。 7. If you have cell production practical experience is an advantage. 如果你有单元式生产的实践经验将是个优点 。