D2021R3-9226 Motor Control_Application_Engineer_SECT_MGR
职位编号 J026441
类型 技术支持工程师
所在地 深圳市 
- To provide application support for the Industrial Motor Control Competence Center; - To design new solutions: reference Hardware Platforms and related Firmware Libraries; - Focus on Air Conditioning, Home Appliances; - To cooperate with Sales/Marketing in order to provide Technical Support to customers and build up Technical Intelligence - To establish cooperation links with the key technical interfaces of major customers in China Area - To deliver technical seminars and demonstrations, to help customers to understand technologies and solutions - To benchmark solutions vs competition and create competition analysis
- Master degree: automatic control, motor drives, power electronics, or other related majors. - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor / Induction motor and control methods (FOC, V/f, six step etc); - Power Electronics; - HW development: PCB layout design (PADS / ORCAD / Altium), EMI-EMC-ESD, safety standards; - problem solving; learn new technologies; - embedded firmware coding (C language), aligning with specifications and code versioning tools; - Good capability to prepare development documents; - Good capability to smoothly communicate with customers and trouble-shooting on site; - Teamwork spirit;