职位编号 J026193
行业 机械制造/设备/重工
类型 技术支持经理
所在地 上海市 
岗位描述/ Job Description 1. 岗位名称/ Place designation: IT&ERP Manager (Taicang Facility) 2. 目前在岗人员/ actual staff: N/A 3. 成本中心/ Cost Unit: N/A 4. 直接上级/ Direct superiors: General Manager (German) 5. 直接下级/ Coworker subordinated directly: NONE 6. 顶岗人员(被动) / The place owner represents (passively):N/A 7. 可顶替岗位(主动) / The place owner represents (actively): N/A 8. 特殊权限/ Special powers: N/A 9. 关联岗位/ Co-operation with other places: 公司所有部门/ All departments of the company in China. 德国总部IT相关团队/IT related functions in HQ of Germany. 外部供应商和服务商/External suppliers and vendors. 10. 岗位目标/ Job objective: 维护、优化、完善公司目前的网络环境,使其在硬件、软件方面更具有合理的兼容性;在整体的管理与维护方 面,要制定相关规定与计划,努力使公司拥有一个系统运行稳定、数据存取安全、网络运转快捷而健康的网 络工作环境。 Gradually improve and optimize the company's current network environment to make it more efficient in hardware and software compatibility; In terms of overall management and maintenance, relevant regulations, and plans should be formulated to make the company have a network working environment with stable system operation, secure data access, fast and healthy network operation. 11. 工作职责描述/Assignment & Responsibilities: 一、岗位职责 Responsibilities of the position: 1. 负责公司所有电脑的系统安装、调试及维护。(注:除特殊的专用系统外) Responsible for the system installation, debugging and maintenance of all computers of the company. (Note: except for special systems). 2. 定期对公司所有相关电子类文档、资料、图纸等资料进行备份,包括工作电脑端、服务器端等。 Routine backup of all relevant electronic documents, materials, drawings, etc., including working computer side, server side, etc. 3. 规划、管理和维护公司整体网络环境,使其稳定、安全地服务于公司对内、外的业务联系。 Plan, manage and maintain the overall network environment of the company, so that it can serve the company's internal and external business contacts stably and securely. 4. 维护和管理公司的outlook电子邮局系统,支持公司官网的相关维护、管理工作。 Maintain and manage the company's electronic post office system (, and support the company’s official website maintain and update. 5. 设置、管理公司的电话交换机系统。 Set up and manage the company's telephone exchange system. 6. 负责公司局域网规划、建设、相关设置与维护管理;对于已经建立的‘域’环境进行优化;搭建内部邮件服务 器系统平台;设置公司局域网主题结构,设置访问权限,并实行实时软件监控;定期检查和维护。 Responsible for the company's LAN planning, construction, relevant Settings and maintenance management; Optimize the established 'domain' environment; Build internal mail server system platform; Set up the company's LAN theme structure, set access rights, and implement real-time software monitoring: Check and maintain regularly. 7. 负责公司监控系统的检查和维护,发现问题及时汇报。 Responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the company's monitoring system, and timely report any problems found. 8. 金蝶 ERP、德国总部 OA 系统、公司 OA 软件等项目的技术负责人和管理人,积极负责各项目的实施、推 动、维护、优化、更新等管理职责,提出并贯彻合理化建议,安排培训,组织会议,与顾问方密切合作,开 发、优化公司ERP管理环境。 Paly the administrator role of Kingdee ERP, German HQ OA system, China facility OA system and other software or ERP related projects.
二、岗位要求 Requirements for the position: 1.全日制本科以上学历,计算机相关专业毕业。 Full-time university degree or above, major in Information Technology or related field. 2.五年以上中型及以上外资制造型企业 IT硬件管理及OA软件维护和管理岗位工作经验。 More than five years working experience on IT maintenance position in a middle or large size manufacture company, familiar with finance EPR, process ERP, inventory system etc. 3. 能独立规划和管理公司全面的信息职能功能,包括硬件及软件的工作规划、执行、推动和维护。 Work independently in IT&ERP function for the planning, execution, implementation and maintenance. 4. 具有良好的客户导向意识和服务意识。 Customer and service orientated mindset. 5.执行力高,积极主动,能快速识别和解决问题。 Proactive, Initiative, developed problem analysis and problem-solving skills. 6. 良好的英语口语沟通能力。 Good oral English skills.