Sales Manager (Food Powder)
职位编号 J026182
行业 多元化业务集团/跨领域经营
类型 销售经理
所在地 上海市 
Responsible for achieving order intake, gross margin, cash flow targets and AR overdue collection for Food Powder Application Sales of the Greater China region mainly covering the product profile of evaporators, spry dryers and freeze dryers; 完成大中华区食品粉体应用的订单,毛利和现金流指 标,并负责应收款的逾期收款,产品主要包括蒸发器、喷雾干燥器和冷冻干燥机等 ⚫ Develop, communicate and implement strategic sales plans to win business that aligns with company goals; 制定、沟通和实施战略销售计划,以赢得与公司目标一致的业绩 ⚫ Drive sales initiatives and relationships with potential key customers; 推动销售计划并与潜在的关键 客户建立关系 ⚫ Develop and implement sales plans for key technologies within Greater China Food Market; 制定并实 施大中华区食品市场关键技术的销售计划 ⚫ Create Market Analysis for the purpose to identify growth potential in Food Powder Application; 创建 市场分析,以确定食品粉体应用的增长潜力 ⚫ Identify and find out the potential market chance and application to Food Powder Business; 识别和发 现潜在的市场机会及其在食品粉行业的应用 ⚫ Provide accurate and timely forecasting of OI and hot list; 提供准确及时的订单和重点项目的预测 报告 ⚫ Maintain accurate information regarding open opportunities and monthly reports within the sales database CRM. Provide reports to management as required. 在 CRM 系统中维护询价信息,生成月 度报告汇报给管理层. ⚫ Evaluate incoming inquiries, qualify and identify sales strategy for each opportunity 评估收到的询价, 确认并确定每个销售机会的销售策略 ⚫ Select and develop potential new customer in Food Powder Application 选择和开发食品粉应用的潜 在新客户 ⚫ Execute quotation presentations and sales campaigns 负责报价演示和销售活动 ⚫ Execute technical/commercial negotiations 负责技术/商务谈判
Skills & Experiences • Bachelor’s Degree or Master Degree in Food Science /Food Technology or related major • Min 5 years in sales related experience • Prefer to have experience in Food Powder Business industry (covering evaporators, spray dryers and freeze dryers)