D2020R8-6169FAE/Application Staff Engineer
职位编号 J025952
类型 技术支持工程师
所在地 深圳市 
1. Co-work with marketing and sales to promote wireless charging and AMOLED PMIC solution. 2. On-site support to solve the customer technical issue . 3. Acquire customer application requirement and know-how to propose right design solution. 4. Schedule and priority management on technical support to align with marketing & sales direction to drive project to revenue. 5.Build up prototype board to implement and qualify new concept 6.Provide technical training and prepare application note and technical documents for promotion
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering 2. 3+ years in product design or at least 3+ year in FAE position. 3. Experience in wireless charging and AMOLED PMIC development, knowledge in wireless charging is plus. 4. Familiar with smartphone hardware design & relative circuit design is plus. 5. Good communication skills/attitudes with the customers 6. Good English listening/writing/speaking, but basic speaking is acceptable. 7. willing to travel to customer sites within China