Assistant Retail Manager(保密招聘)
职位编号 J025301
行业 服装/服饰
类型 销售经理
所在地 上海市 
Setup the strategic target and business opportunities to drive sales 制定战略目标和商业机会来推动销售 Monitor the inventory closely to prevent the business lost due to out of stock 密切监控库存情况,防止因缺货而造成业务损失 Ensure all the store VM and marketing activities are consistent with corporate guidelines 确保所有的店铺陈列形象和营销活动符合公司的指导方针 Assist with new store opening, including store development and fit out work 协助新店开业,包括新店开发及装修工作 Motivate the team and provide a training to the staffs in order to achieve the common goals 激励团队,对员工进行培训,以实现共同的目标 All retail stores internal and external issues are managed in timely manner 所有零售店的内部和外部问题都得到及时管理
Diploma or above in business management or relative disciplines 管理相关专业大专以上学历 Minimum 8 years working experience in fashion retail sales 8年以上服装零售工作经验 Excellent excel and analytical skills are the must 优秀的excel制作和分析能力 Self-motivated and able to work under pressure 自我激励,抗压能力强 Good problem solving skills and good time management 良好的问题解决能力和时间管理能力 Passionate in Fashion 对时尚有热情