Sales Manager-OGC
职位编号 J023818
行业 机械制造/设备/重工
类型 销售经理
所在地 上海市  北京市 
-负责推广与销售制冷机组/系统产品,完成公司分配的销售指标 Responsible for promotion and sales of refrigeration skid/system products to achieve the sales target set by the company. -以公司的品牌,技术和服务为支撑点, 在指定区域内开发,建立和维护与相关行业内主要业主、设计院, 工程承包商、工程设计和工程管理公司的健康合作关系 -在指定区域锁定潜在客户和项目,完成公司分派的销售指标 Locate potential customers and business opportunities in the assigned territories,and achieve the sales target assigned by the company. -将用户的需求和要求精准地传达给应用工程师,进行设备选型和成本概算,做出建议书,投标和谈判。 Accurately conveys customer needs and requirements to the Application Engineer for equipment selection and cost estimates. Creates and conducts proposal presentations,bidding and negotiation. -在合同执行中协调客户完成收款、发货和合同变更事宜 Coordinate with the customer for any payment issues, delivery issues and contract amendment as required during the execution of a contract.
-工科本科以上学历,具有扎实的制冷系统知识,熟悉主要的石油化工相关市场, 至少五年以上销售工作经验 Degreed engineer having a solid knowledge of the refrigeration system with 5 years minimum Sales experience in oil /gas & Chemical Industry. -自我激励, 具有展示和说服沟通技巧,向用户明确表达技术和产品定位 Self-motivated,demonstrated and convincing communication skills to articulate technology and product positioning to users. -具有正面的人际关系态度和承受压力的能力,以便与用户建立和维护稳固的关系 Positive human relations and pressure resistant attitude in order to establish and maintain strong customer relationships. -能经常出差 Willing to travel frequently