Project Development Manager
职位编号 J023093
行业 医疗/护理/卫生/美容/保健 /生活服务
类型 销售经理
所在地 北京市 
-Developing and Managing Healthcare projects, such as medical equipment package projects and hospital engineering projects for the whole regions of China. Including: - Develop cash deal based business for VAMED China by providing entire planning for yearly target and quarterly implementation plan - Find potential clients and cultivating contacts according to assigned yearly target - To be the bridge between client and VAMED by finding the solution of matching client needs and VAMED competence - To counsel the company's executives on developing turnkey targeted business and PPP model basing on market demand and tendency; - To develop and present converted turnkey business model to government officials / key opinion leaders / investors in healthcare industry. Such as NDRC; MOH; Chinese Medical Association in provinces. - To gain trust from client and work out fair bidding environment for targeted project by supporting client in various project periods - To joined VAMED China tender team for bidding completion Besides the tasks documented in the PRO-fit BPM, the Project Manager also needs to take below activities in order to achieve the above responsibilities: - To establish the strategic partnership with top medical equipment and Health care IT suppliers and consulting firms. Such as Siemens; Philips; GE; Microsoft; IBM; Mindray and PWC etc; - Information collection and sorting for business potential filtering - Handing in some proposals of organizational rules, guidelines and strategies for project & execution (project manual) to management; - Keeping good communication & coordination with the client, consultants, business partners - Participation in contract negotiations with client, subcontractors if necessary - Leading of the contractual correspondence, reporting and handing-over of the project to the client; - Supervising the invoicing to the client, consortium partnersand subcontractors - Identification & realization of variation orders including controlling tasks of budget and taking responsibilities of tasks, making risk assessment; To represent Vamed China and build up close relationship with government officials and key opinion leaders in healthcare industry. - To advise the company's executives on public policy and governmental matters, including legislation, regulations and policy initiatives, including their potential implications to the company; - To work with leaders of government and industry to grasp public policy trends, so as to enable Vamed China to avoid business risk - According arrangement by the superior
-Strengthening of Sales and marketing through realization of the planned order entry with the planned costs; develop new business; organize tender and supervise execution. -Bachelor degree or above in Engineering or Commerce, preferred in Medical Equipment -Relevant work experience: Minimum 3 years sales and marketing experience in Medical Equipment (international) projects -Familiar with health care sector, especially on the medical equipment -Familiar with tender process -Being trained in medical and technical engineering and in the field of commerce -Sales and marketing skil Relevant knowledge: high computer skills, presentation skills -Strong sense of responsibility and self-discipline; -The skill of work organization and task management -Excellent skill of communication and negotiation in both English and Chinese -Excellent skill of communication and negotiation with client and local authorities -Bachelor degree or above in English/Economy/Engineering, preferred in Medical Equipment -Minimum 3 years sales experience in medical field -Preferably being trained in medical and technical engineering and in the ideal case also in the field of commerce -High level of discipline, hardworking, positive attitude, proactive, reliable self-starter, independent work ability, with team spirit