Sales Technical Support
职位编号 J022760
行业 机械制造/设备/重工
类型 销售经理
所在地 北京市  上海市 
• Develops and implements strategic sales plans& market trends for individual sales target& budget. 开发和完成销售计划和市场预期,制定个人销售目标和年度预算。 • Prepare Technical Tender/ offer and Cost Calculation. 完成技术标书、技术附件、对询价和报价以及价格计算进行销售前期报价支持。 • Participate technical meeting or sales meeting with customer during Pre-Sales phase. 在销售阶段参加与客户召开的技术交流或销售会议。 • Make Commercial Offer& Tendering for Sales 完成商务报价书和技术标书。 • External and Internal Costing Calculation &Review on Tender 负责对外对内进行成本核算,和审核标书 • Keep close Customer Communication for technical solution 保持与客户技术方案的紧密沟通。 • Participate Technical&CommericalNegotiationwith Customer. 参加与客户的技术和商务谈判, • Participate Exhibition, Seminar &Conferences 参加展会,研讨会&会议
• 化学工程,化工工艺或化工机械专业,本科学历以上; Bachelor degree or above on Chemical /technology engineering, chemical mechanical/automation engineering related engineering • 10年以上化工或环保(脱硫,脱销,除尘)工业领域的销售经验; 10 years experiences for sales working as sales manager or application manager in chemical industry or environment industry area. • 诚实、勤奋并具有良好的客户沟通和团队协调能力 Trustworthy, positive, favorable communications and effective coordination • 中文表达流利、英语听说写良好; Fluent in both oral & written English and Chinese