Engineer Manager
职位编号 J021556
行业 印刷/包装/造纸
类型 工程经理
所在地 深圳市 
1.This role is overall supervise the engineer team works to be effective, and lead team to closely work with sales/RD/Sourcing and other team for business growth. 2. Optimize the process & cost from Technology knowledge improvement and share the best practise; 3. New process (equipment) evaluation and development Detail: 1. Manage the engineering team to ensure the daily job is finished. 2. Setup the Dept goal for the team. Assign to the individual team member 3. Supervise and urge the engineer lead to make the samples and process sheets, realize the samples requirement from customer. 4. Lead the engineer team to improve the production process to increase production efficiency continuously, instruct the engineers to solve and follow up the problems in production. Make the mass production go smoothly and in time 5. Monitor the cost the incurred in the dept to meet the company policy 6.Take lead to develop the new technology application for new business scope 7. Establish the work process and monitor it compliance, and improve the system 8. Manufacturing equipment evaluation and optimization 9.Continious improvement for engineer process and cross functions opportunities 10.Finish the other task that supervisors assign
1. Experience in Process design & control 在工艺设计及控制方面有相关经验 2.Bachelor’s degree本科及以上学历 3.Mechanical,printing or related印刷或包装相关专业 4.Familiar with Microsoft office, AI, AutoCAD, Project control, ISO9000 , DOE , FEMA , PMP experience is prefer 熟练使用Microsoft office, AI, AutoCAD, Project control, 5.Strong communication skills沟通能力强 6.Good at cooperation 合作能力强 7.Action oriented以行动为导向 8. Customer oriented以顾客为中心 9.Technology skills技术技能 10.Relationship between colleagues同事关系 11.Understand color theory& quality tools knowledge;了解色彩理论与质量工具知识; 12.Communication skills 沟通技巧 13.Process management 流程管理