Sr. Licensing Sales Manager
职位编号 J020750
行业 电子技术/半导体/集成电路/微电子
类型 销售经理
所在地 北京市  深圳市 
Summary Description 1. Be Responsible for building and maintaining the primary business relationship with a specifiedset of Dolby licensees. 2. Develops revenue and commercial win goals. Prepares business plans and licensingpenetration strategy in line with other account/business managers working the same set oflicensee groups. 3. Maintains healthy business environment for Dolby by researching andmonitoring competitive activity, and identifying both current and future customer needs. 4. Regularly interacts with licensees and license applicants as necessary, regarding technicalissues, quality, contractual, financial, and public relations activities related to technologylicensing. 5. Fosters business development by: a. Seeking out and signing up new licensees, promotingexcellence in the quality of customer service and responsiveness and identifying newlicensing opportunities through enhanced or existing product offerings. b. Working closely withthe company's technology offerings to bring about new applications for the company'slicensed technologies c. Interfacing with engineering, marketing, and technology development, as necessary, to bring to fruition. 6. Interacts with the senior management of other divisions within Dolby and highlevelexecutives at licensees to identify and analyses business and licensing problems of moderatescope and makes recommendations based on identifiable factors. 7. Exercises judgment withindefined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action and consults with the team Directorand/or other senior managers in division to establish both short andlong term pricing and licensing fee strategies. 8. Participates with other managers in thedivision in helping to formulate both technical and business direction for the division.Helps to establish and administer budgets. Primary Responsibilities 1. Oversee the licensing relationship with companies and areas defined in his/her target groupfor all licensed Dolby technologies. Promote the quality and value associated withDolby brand and trademarks. 2. Manage the day-to-day communication activities with the target group, track, and ensurefollowing- up on outstanding issues that the SF offices has with licensees. This mayinclude working with the liaison offices. 3. Interact with licensees and license applicants as needed to conduct the business oftechnology licensing using a diplomatic, professional and service-oriented approach,including written correspondence and face-to-face meetings. 4. Work to develop and understand the licensee's perspective and convey these ideas to theSF office to help create and maintain excellence in the overall customer relationship. 5. Recruit, train and develop support staff if appropriate. 6. Attend trade shows, seminars, conferences, and educational events to keep abreast ofindustry developments, promote Dolby technologies and examine the potential of newmarkets for Dolby technologies. Other Responsibilities 1. Perform routine management duties such as hiring, training, performance management,counselling, policy implementation, and employee relations, etc. Perform duties asassigned by immediate supervisor or any member of the Dolby management team, subjectto approval by direct manager and/or department VP.Perform tasks necessary to complete performance objectives. 2. Assist team members as needed.
1.BSEE or equivalent. Exposure to applications of audio and video products andtechnologies or 8+ years of relevant work experience. MBA a plus but not required. 2. Experience should include exposure to at least one of the following areas: DSP, SW development and/or licensing programs, analogue and digital circuitry, PC architecture,broadcast technologies or testing consumer electronic products. 3. Strong Sales or Marketing experiences in MNC. 4. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, ability to work independently toachieve goals established in a team environment. CET 6 or above. 5. Ability to develop strong customer relationships and demonstrated negotiation skills whichbenefit the licensee and Dolby. 6. Interest in music desirable.